CT5 Time To Go


Set and Forget Charging with convenient countdown

The CT5 range of chargers resets the level of convenience in charging. Rather than telling you the stage you are at this model attacks from the other perspective of time. The progressive LED's tell you how long till the charging is finished. That's great if you need to get going after a flat battery. Or are needing to know when you can use the vehicle, or in a workshop senario need to know which vehicle will be ready to service first.

This Time to Go still has the patented CTEK 8 stage charging profile, convenient small size, IP rated housing, comfort plugs to utilise any of the charging accessories but none of the user manual reading to understand which modes do what, when will the battery be ready. How long will the charge take.

All these features with the 5 year warranty and CTEK's reputation and backing make this a perfect choice for those of us that take our car to a dealership for servicing. When you don't have time or don't care to understand charging. That's just fine, this charger will pretty much do it all for you. Connect it up, turn the mains power on and the charger will do the rest.

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