Latest Products from CTEK

CTEK might take their time to release products but when they do they normally reset the bar. These units are no exception.

D250SE is the replacement for the D250S Dual & D250SA. But now includes an AGM Charge Profile along with a Lithium Profile and Ignition Feed Input. A software upgrade also means this unit can charge and maintain your start battery from the solar input once the house batteries are fully charged. Other features included from the previous model are the MPPT solar & alternator input.

CTX Battery Sense has had a software update to improve the features available through the smart device app. The Bluetooth voltage sensor is great when you don't have easy access to the CTEK indicators or a battery monitoring system. Now includes history of voltage, state of charge and temperature.

PRO25S is the replacement for the now end of line MXS 25. It uses the same housing so isn't an issue if upgrading from the older MXS 25 but the all-new black look is easily distinguishable from previous units. The new power module is rated to run in high temps without reduction and will, therefore, charge faster and more efficiently. It also includes a Lithium charging profile now. Previous features also included are the Power Supply mode and Recondition Mode.