• CTEK Analyser

    The CTEK Analyser is manufactured by Midtronics which are highly regarded as the worlds best algorithm for performing a conductance test on batteries to ascertain the health of a battery. The units are self-powered by the battery they are testing and show a calculated CCA rating which you check against the manufacturer's spec. If the value is 80% or lower of new then it is deemed end of life. This type of tester isn't suitable for testing Ah capacity of batteries which is needed to confirm a deep cycle batteries reserve power output.

  • Pro Battery Tester

    CTEK powered by Midtronics. Art. No. 40-209 CCA Results Tester.

    Element 82 is a distributor and service agent for Midtronics conductance testers so we can match your needs from a small workshop to factory dealerships with PBT, MDX, EXP, SCP models to name a few.

    The CT Analyser is from the PBT range and represents great value in providing a CCA test result for instant on-screen display.

    Many dealerships require printouts of test results so the CTEK Pro Tester uses the MDX-300P platform.

    The MDX-600P series allows the selection of AGM, Wet cell / flooded, Spiral with a wider range of capacities than the 300 series.

    Some dealerships require chassis numbers and date/time information displayed they would consider the 600 series but of particular interest the MDX-650P.

    Models with factory certification are available for Mercedes, VW, Jaguar, Fiat, Porsche, Land Rover, Holden, Ford plus many more.