Multi-function Charging Solutions

Pro Series Performance Chargers

  • CTEK Analyser

    The CTEK Analyser is manufactured by Midtronics which are highly regarded as the worlds best algorithm for performing a conductance test on batteries to ascertain the health of a battery. The units are self-powered by the battery they are testing and show a calculated CCA rating which you check against the manufacturer's spec. If the value is 80% or lower of new then it is deemed end of life.

  • D250SA


    Euro Performance Upgraded

    The latest from CTEK the D250SA leverages the good foundation of the D250S Dual but raises the stakes again by including an ignition feed to only take energy from the start battery when the vehicle is running. An additional feature allows the setting of

  • MXS 15


    Master in the middle

    Midsized Maintainer, service support and conditioner

    The CTEK MXS 15 with its Recond Mode, Power Supply and 8 stage charging cycle is ideal for large vehicle workshops, motorhomes and battery

  • MXS 25


    Large power large features small size

    When smarter is better and a faster charge

    The MXS 25 is the largest professional charger suitable for motorhome or marine. It has user-selected modes for normal charging,

  • MXS 25EC

    Workshop Extended Cables

    Leads to workshop lead times reduced

    The MXS 25EC (Extended Cables) has the same feature at the MXS 25 but with 6 metre long DC power leads so you can place the charger on the drivers or passengers window using the window mounting bracket that's also provided with the charger.

    The power supply mode means you can

  • MXT 14

    Professional 24V battery charging

    The ideal 24V solution

    The MXT 14 is designed for batteries that are put under a lot of strain, making it ideal for commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, access equipment and workshops.

    The MXT 14 professional 8 step 24V battery charger delivers 14A to 24V

  • MXT 4.0

    The 24V maintenance charger for automotive marine or mobility

    Easy charging for 24V batteries

    The 8 step charger that’s ideal for smaller 24V batteries and maintenance charging for fleets with 24V vehicles.

    The MXT 4.0 is a cost effective 8 step charger that delivers 4A to 24V batteries from 8-100Ah

  • MXTS 40

    The all in one 12V and 24V charging station

    Fast, multi functional charging

    The MXTS 40 is the all in one battery charging, maintenance and support station that’s essential equipment for 12V and 24V vehicle workshops and showrooms. It’s easy to use and electronically safe, with rapid charging for

  • MXTS 70-50

    Versatile and Powerful workshop charger

    Powerful charging

    The MXTS 70/50 is a powerful, state of the art workshop charger developed specifically for all 12V and 24V lead acid batteries, including AGM and EFB Stop/Start types.

    The MXTS 70/50 is a fully automatic 8 step charger that delivers

  • Pro Battery Tester

    CTEK powered by Midtronics.

    Element 82 is a distributor and service agent for Midtronics conductance testers so we can match your needs from a small workshop to factory dealerships with PBT, MDX, EXP, SCP models to name a few.

    The CT Analyser is from the PBT range and represents great value in providing a CCA test result for instant on-screen display.

    Many dealerships

  • PRO120

    Extreme Power Battery Management

    High Power Advanced Technology

    The CTEK PRO120 is an innovative and highly efficient 120A battery charger and power supply that’s designed to meet the demands of the diagnostic workshop. With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology and state of the art

  • PRO15S

    The PRO15S is a powerful and fully automatic 15A battery charger and maintainer, compatible with any 12V battery, including Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4). Safe, strong & robust, it can handle heat, dust & humidity. Combining fast and powerful charging with long-term maintenance capability, the PRO15S is the ideal charger for the workshop, the car, the caravan or the

  • PRO25S

    Highly efficient 25A battery charger & power supply

    For everyday professional use

    The PRO25S is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply, designed around the needs of the automotive professional. Combining power & advanced technology with safety,

  • PRO60

    Professional battery management redefined

    Innovative technology

    The CTEK PRO60 is an innovative and highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply that’s designed to meet the demands of the modern workshop. With its cutting edge design, advanced technology and state of the art features, it’s

  • PRO60 and PRO120 Trolley Adapter

    The adaptor replaces the Trolley angled mounting plate with a table-like surface which the charger is mounted onto the fastening can hold either the Pro 60 or the Pro 120 chargers as pictured.

  • SmartPass 120S

    Stand-alone DC Battery Management System

    the latest improvements in DC charging see the SmartPass 120S now being a stand-alone model which can provide 120A DC power charging to your house bank. The wide DC input range means even smart alternator vehicles won't be able to slow this charging process down. With an isolated low voltage disconnect circuit, you can ensure

  • Trolley Pro

    The CTEK Trolley Pro has 3 surface areas to place, mount or sit your workshop equipment. The swivel and large rolling diameter wheels allow for easy maneuverability through the workshop. The top and bottom surfaces are rubber mounted to help protect equipment and supply a non-slip surface for a laptop (top) and tools (bottom). The pre-drilled angled mounting plate provides a surface for 2 x