Q. What is the difference between the MXS15 & M200 or MXS25 & M300?

The Marine series have a night mode which when pressed derates the charging power of the units to 50% so that the units don't get hot and require the internal fan to run. After 8 hours the chargers return to full power. With both the MXS15 & MXS 25 chargers the Night mode is replaced with the Power Supply mode which provides 13.6 Volts so you can power electrical equipment up to the chargers rated max. current.

All chargers listed include the Recond Mode.

The M200 and M300 have a 5 year warranty, whereas the MXS chargers have a 2 year warranty.

The M200 and M300 have no alligator clips, they are fitted with M8 eyelets.

(note the M300 used to include a CTEK XS0.8 charger (bundle) also but that was removed because of the mismatch in charging requirements some years ago).