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Supply mode allows the charger to be used as if it was a battery power source. What that means it just like a battery when you connect a light it illuminates, in power supply mode if you attached a light it would illuminate. What that also means is that in power supply mode if you incorrectly attach it to a device with the positive and the negative around the wrong way you may damage the equipment. It also means the unit will spark if you touch the alligator clips together which will damage the charger.

When you select the recond mode on a charger with that feature you will still charge a battery normally through to stage 5 but in stage 6 it will apply a higher voltage to equalize or overcharge the battery to allow a full absorption charge to be performed. Once this mode is complete it will continue as usual with stage 7 & 8 if all is OK. Otherwise, the caution LED will be displayed and the charger will stop charging the battery until user intervention.

When you select motorcycle mode on the MXS 3.8 or MXS 5.0 the charger's current is limited to 800milliamps or 0.8 of an Amp. This therefore allows you to charge small batteries without using excess current which damages a battery.

The maximum charge voltage increases to 14.7V which is used to charge AGM batteries or wet cell batteries in cold conditions. This mode must be selected by the user and once the charge is finished it will need changing back to normal/car mode if you normally charge wet cell batteries.

Yes if you have a CTEK MXS 5.0 you can press the mode button to select any combination of motorcycle, motorcycle with AGM, car, car with AGM, car with recond, motorcycle with recond, car with AGM and recond, car with normal and recond.

Consult the battery manufacturer for the correct settings for your battery.

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