Alternator Input

  • D250S Dual

    CTEK the standard for DC to DC charging

    If you need a dual battery setup look no further

    The D250S Dual is what we call a DC to DC charging system. In this case with dual inputs, one from solar and one from an alternator. The solar input is up to 22VDC @ 25A, this outputs through the 20A 5 stage charging output profile and is considered the master input. The second input is from a vehicle's alternator which typically is supplying a voltage suited to the engine's management system or starting battery. Its almost never the correct charging voltage for what could be a flat house bank in the rear of the vehicle where the voltage drop over 3-5 metres could be 1 volt. This unit installed in the rear with the house batteries will ramp up the voltage to what's needed for the house battery to keep it well maintained at up to 20A, this is the slave input. By that we mean if you are in the sun the solar has priority charge of say 5A so that the engine doesn't need to work as hard to provide power for the other 15A that could be charging of the house batteries were flat. 

    If you have a newer Euro 5+ vehicle then you should consider reviewing the latest release from CTEK the D250SA with its ignition feed and wider operating alternator input voltages. 

  • Off Road Bundle

    The ultimate 12V power system for outdoor vehicles

    Battery to battery charger in a dual battery application

    Enjoy the outdoors for even longer with CTEK’s 100A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM. It combines the D250S Dual Smart Charger and the SMARTPASS Power Management System for the ultimate 12V power system. Install it in your 4WD, camper trailer or caravan to give you the best performance, power and life from your batteries.

    D250S DUAL The D250S DUAL charger can get its energy from alternators, solar panels and wind power. It separates starter and service battery and maximizes the use of the both without risking that the starter battery is unable to start the engine. SMARTPASS SMARTPASS is a Power Management System with under voltage protection that distributes it to the service batteries or electrical equipment. SMARTPASS separates and prioritized between critical and non-critical consumers to avoid drained service battery. SYSTEM MONITOR The System Monitor constantly monitors the voltage and current (charge and discharge) to show you exactly how much charge you have and how many hours you’ve got left before your battery bank is empty.

  • SmartPass

    More Power while you drive

    Fully automated control

    SMARTPASS controls and optimises energy and has a built in low voltage disconnect to make sure critical equipment such as radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always function. It’s suitable for boats, service vehicles, camper vans, caravans, RVs and heavy vehicles.

    SMARTPASS is a fully automatic power management system for controlling and optimising energy produced by alternators or conventional AC/DC chargers, which is then distributed to battery banks and consumers. It can handle up to 80A for batteries between 28-800Ah and is suitable for all types of 12V battery. It will only charge the house batteries when the DC circuit is being powered from a charging source so you never have to worry about a flat starting battery. When used with the D250S DUAL, SMARTPASS provides optimal charging through CTEK’s unique staged charging cycle to protect your battery.

    • Battery separation eliminates diodes and VSR relays
    • Delivers 80A for quick recharge of batteries 28-500Ah
    • Compatible with DUAL D250S and D250SA and delivers up to 100A charge when matched with either of these two units.
    • Prioritizing critical consumers and supplies consumers directly from the alternator
    • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
    • Suitable for boats, service vehicles, camper vans, caravans, RVs and heavy vehicles
    • Fully automatic
    • Simple to install and use
    • Maximizes battery life
    • Reduced charging times and costs
    • Separates consumers from service batteries for more effective charging
    • Temperature protection for service batteries
    • Safe spark free operation
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • Short circuit proof
    • 2-year warranty